Wild West Gunslinger 1.1

Wild West Gunslinger 1.1



Size:19.5 MB

Date Added:09 September, 2014

Author: KillerBytes

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Being Johnny Law in the wild west ain"t so easy. A gang of outlaws, called the Texas Tyrant Gang, have murdered your son after a brief run-in with one of members that ended in bloodshed. Everything about the law says to lock up the dirty four-flushers for their deeds, but your six-shooter is telling you different.

Immerse yourself in the wild west in this gun-toting, quickdraw adventure to bring justice down through the barrel of a gun. What"s a coyboy without bullets and boots? Purchase specialized ammo and gear in the shop to increase attack and defense attributes to avoid attending your own funeral with a front row seat"¦ in a pine box. Play 3 featured mini-games to earn cash along the way as you take down each member of the Texas Tyrant Gang one-by-one in this thrilling, fastest finger showdown.

Do you have the nerves of steel and a steady trigger finger to take down the entire gang? Your life depends on it!


*4 games in 1
*Fastest finger, gunslinger action
*3 playable mini-games; Shoot the Can, 3-reel Slots, and Don"t Wake The Bear *Authentic western themed music and sound fx throughout the game
*Gunslinger narrarated storyline
*Saved high scores & game progress
*10 enemy characters with increasing speed and difficulty
*Saved reaction scores with every pull of your trigger (see best at end of game)
*12 purchasable shop items
*Upgradable Attack and Defense attributes with shop item purchases

System Requirements: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Systems: iOS

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